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hiking post

Spring time is finally here in full-force. The grass is turning a rich green, trees have exploded like popcorn with thousands of red, pink, and white flowers. When the sun is shining, and the breeze has the perfect hint of chill in it, I get excited about hiking my favorite trails. Being the largest network of vein clinics in Colorado, we pride ourselves on loving and living the lifestyle only the 38th state can provide. Here is a quick list of the “must hikes” around one of the most beautiful cities on the front range.

Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods is a national landmark that has been rated the number one in a list of 138 things to do in Colorado Springs by TripAdvisor. It has unmatched scenery, with giant red rock formations stretching into the sky, and amazing views of the not too distant Pikes Peak. It is filled with photo ops!

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

This hike can be anywhere from one to four miles depending on your route. It is distinguished by canyons and ridges cut by millions of years of erosion. It is rich in a variety of beautiful geological formations including enclaves, pillars, and even some water features.

Bear Creek Dog Park

Okay, this one isn’t a hike, but you’ll do plenty of walking at one of the top-rated dog parks in the country. Nestled in the foothills, it has 25 acres of sprawling fido-friendly playground for your favorite pooch. There great little pools in the creek for them to cool off, flowering meadows, and even some agility obstacles for the athletic dog. Plus, its scenery is as beautiful on two legs as it is on four.

Palmer Trail Loop

At about 6 miles, this trail is a bit more challenging than some, but the hike is well worth it. Make sure to start counterclockwise. If you don’t, you will have to scramble down the switchbacks. The first half is a bit grueling due to the climb through the pine trees, but the open views over the hills are breathtaking. If you want a moderate workout, this is the one.

This is a very small list of our favorites. Colorado Springs and the surrounding area is filled with wonderful places to hike, walk, bike, and explore. Everyone has their secret trail or spot to stop and enjoy the view. Check the weather this weekend, try one of these out, and find your inspiration. For a comprehensive list of great hikes, go to visitcos.