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Are you taking a vacation this summer? Often, we spend January to June engaged in workout plans, diets, and dreams of the perfect beach body for when our toes finally hit the sand on our summer vacation. We even wrote about it in ways to get healthy in 2017. Admittedly I want to be as skinny as the palm trees while I sip a mai tai in the ocean breeze. I work my tail off, and then as soon as the plane lands, and that first breath of sweet tropical air fills my lungs, I completely forget how hard it was to get fit and feel confident in a swimsuit. I know, vacations are about indulging and I truly believe that you should, but I had to ask myself “Is there a way to indulge without undoing the last few months of blood, sweat, and tears?” The answer is yes, and here are a few tips to not only start your getaway with confidence, but return home just as fit - and maybe a little more tan.

Spring time is finally here in full-force. The grass is turning a rich green, trees have exploded like popcorn with thousands of red, pink, and white flowers. When the sun is shining, and the breeze has the perfect hint of chill in it, I get excited about hiking my favorite trails. Being the largest network of vein clinics in Colorado, we pride ourselves on loving and living the lifestyle only the 38th state can provide. Here is a quick list of the “must hikes” around one of the most beautiful cities on the front range.

No one likes seeing wrinkles appear on their skin. Whether you are 25 or 65, we wage an ongoing war with aging. Similar to your risk of medical conditions due to family history, skin and the way it ages also has to do with genetics. But the same way that exercising and eating right can lower your risk for heart disease, even with a predisposition, so too can good skin care habits help you control the way your skin ages. There is a wide breadth of tips and tricks out there. This post is a round-up of the most helpful advice I have found.

When it comes to health fads, I am guilty as charged. I have tried to juice, jog, Zumba, and cleanse my way to better health. Some things worked well, and others – well, not so much. So, when I finally decided to try yoga, it occurred to me that perhaps I was just falling in lust for yet another knight in shining armor of health fads. Easy come easy go. However, after a few weeks of attending classes 3 times a week, I must say I felt good – really good.

Since the 1970’s, when yoga started to gain traction in the United States, it has shifted from a niche activity of devout new agers to part of the cultural mainstream, becoming more than a 27 billion dollar industry. As it turns out, America’s impression of what yoga is, is only the posture-focused posing and most common form, asana. There are over 100 forms of yoga, and historically, yoga is a comprehensive spiritual path, a way of living and achieving enlightenment. Admittedly, I only engaged in asana, but it had a profound effect on how I felt and I feel compelled to share it.

Have you ever had a night where you tossed and turned? Where every time you crept to the edge of sleep, and began to drift ever so gently over the ledge, into a soft and welcoming dream- SNAP! – a thought shoots through your mind like a bolt of lightning, and your eyes flap open as if someone pulled the shutter string.

Anti-inflammatory foods are all the rage these days, but what is inflammation, and why do we need to fight it? Generally speaking, Inflammation is a process by which the body's white blood cells and substances they produce protect us from infection with foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. It is an immune system response that helps to safeguard already injured tissue by removing harmful pathogens or debris. So, why is this a bad thing? Well – it usually isn’t.

It’s 5:30am. The alarm clock sounds off, catapulting you into a new day and just when you were slipping into that deep, rejuvenating sleep. Oh well, you’re used to it by now.

Daylight is ducking just below the horizon, and your day is booked solid. You have the next two hours to cook four breakfasts, bag three lunches, dress the kids, make the beds, do the dishes, shower…maybe, get the kids off to school, and get yourself off to work.

In a health conscious age, where we are simultaneously bombarded with images of celebrities that look carved from stone, and images of mouthwatering melting cheese, sizzling burgers, and cascading chocolate, it is easy to feel stuck in the middle. For beginners, older adults, and people who have restrictive conditions, the goal is often to just be a little healthier. Not to become a Greek God, or give up carbs, or sweets, but to bring more balance to their lifestyle. So where do we start? Hot yoga, snow yoga, Pilates, weight training, swimming, cycling, dance classes, home video routines, etc. How about a nice brisk stroll? After all, walking is free, tangible, unintimidating, and we have all been experts at it for quite some time. As you will read in this article, it has numerous benefits, and is a powerful tool for overall health. Some times to begin our health journey, we just have to put one foot in front of the other.

Spring is almost upon us. As late winter gets peppered with beautiful days, our minds begin to shift to warmer thoughts. The first glimpse of newly green grass, returning tulips pushing through the soil to reach the sun, and rising streams that drink in the melting snow. It is an exciting time for those of us who live in seasonal climates. New opportunities accompany each new season, and as we watch the days grow longer, we realize we need to cast away the sins of our winter indulgences, and emerge with a healthier look.

Many people have jobs that keep them bellied up to a desk for an entire 8-hour work day or more. When the legs are at rest for too long, blood pools around the feet and ankles, leading to potential leg problems such as pain, swelling, and vein disease. To keep our blood moving properly, we need to take time every day to make sure that we are moving properly. Here are a few ways to bring a little extra motion to the day.

Taking the first steps to live a healthier lifestyle can be challenging… even daunting. Why? Because although we understand that we must change many things to reach our health goals, too often we try to change everything all at once.

With the chocolate stash and quick carbs in the trash, and our gym memberships in hand, we march determinately into the new year with the intent to leave all of our unhealthy habits in the dust. Seeing the big picture goal of great health is important, but it can also be intimidating. Follow these 4 helpful tips to ensure you don’t become discouraged on your journey to better health.   

Compression stockings, socks and sleeves have become a popular piece of active wear. Professional athletes even get recognized and defined by the compression garments they sport. Whether a fashion statement, or a doctor prescribed treatment, compression garments have benefits. Yes, compression wear can make people’s legs feel better. They can be useful in improving circulation, and not just for people with venous insufficiency, but for pregnant women with achy and swollen feet, or anyone who stands or sits for long periods of time.